Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final: Typography Book.

With so many people doing the "SAE Baja" event for the upcoming Baja race that our tech center will be playing host for, I decided that I would be the one to do something out of the norm, and not anywhere near what others were doing. I decided that I would tackle something that I wanted to do for a long time; make a book on typography, but not only make it, I wanted to incorporate the things I had learned in finishing processes this semester, and perfect bind my book for a great finished piece. My thoughts started out with picking some of the type specimen that I frequently use in many of my designs. I figured that the best idea would be to spell out typography on succeeding pages each in a different font. Count that; 10 letters, 10 typefaces. So, this in mind, I began making a folding dummy. The folding dummy was also used for my roughs, and I would have them posted on here, but because I used coated paper, you can not see the pencil that I used over the glare of the paper when I tried to photograph them, so, for this project, you're just going to have to wait until the end to see the final result. With my dummy/rough, I began to layout my InDesign file and knew that I wanted my pages to reach a final cut size of 6x9. All of the inside pages have a full bleed of 1/8". The Color scheme I ended with was two shades of gray, one 60% black and the other 80% black, paired with a mint color, (PMS 346 C), which was converted to a process color when used.

I knew that my intention was to create examples and showcase typefaces for professional typefaces, with an audience that would be into a more classic typographic mindset, I began laying my pages out, which took several days to work all of the minor kinks out. My project  has the special elements of full bleeds, two scored folds on the cover, and a finished perfect bound book. This book is printed on dull coated stock, and in my personal opinion, It really feels nice in your hand. Doug Younger printed each of these for me, and said in production, roughly these would cost about $2.00 a book, plus about $1.00 for binding, which I did myself in the lab. For you typographic nuts out there, eat your heart out at these elegant, timeless typefaces!

one of the spreads

another page spread

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